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This Trading Post (Give-a-way/Keecha Woape)

Sioux give a way or wopila (equality, a piece for everyone). 
mayak'u ca, mayakuwe, mayaku welo (to give)
icu (accept, receive, get)

Medicine Song
Pejuta wan cicu ktaca wayankiyeyo.
A medicine I am going to give you, look this way.


Trading Post, for the Great Give-A-Way or Keecha Woape!  The place to GIVE and RECEIVE. In a time when we are all geared towards using money, we have been requested by the Oneness of God to guide our family homeward, to Brotherhood (earth) and Sisterhood (heaven).  It will not be easy, but if we become pure hearts, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, and learn to care for all matter in the world including things we need, with sacred reverence, then we can start to begin our Greatest Migration ever, into Heaven and Earth, the third phase of evolution or the "joyous dream period of brotherhood", the Golden Era of abundance for all. 

Paradise awaits us, when the pure heart remembers to have the door open to their hearts for all relatives.  If we learn to give a way, then we can start to learn about Receiving!  So let us roll up our sleeves and jump into the Great-Gives-Way.  Our local Vehicle is the Gathering or Pow Wow, which means "to hold in our heart" !  Let us know if Elders can help you succeed, email Elder Lavender Holiness David Running Eagle holinessdavid@alightfromwithin.org with your questions or leave your comment here below.  We need you to inspire us, our Beloved Relatives.

Life's a bowl of cherries, some are sour and some are sweet.
How do you stop using money? Come home and we shall sho
w you how to Meet!

What does money buy that is great, all my heart that lives on a stake? How can we possibly learn to live this way (without money), when God is listening to everything we say?  I want to be where the sky lives inside of me, but I know I will have to change to be one of God's trees.  And if I could be a miracle who could find a way to survive then I could find the will of everything alive!  This is a dream that the Oneness filled in me today and now I must go and see all the leaves (relatives) that portray.  And my heart will walk the devoted and sacred way, if I can learn how to make all this play!  And when we gather my heart will leap with joy, and we shall give presents to all my friends and foes, but I shall remember that even if they are not good, they still need my love inside of their true hearts of gold.

Now the days are longer than ever has been before, because we don't have any happiness inside as we did long ago.  And I am willing to jump into the sky, it's the only place I know where God and I reside (sail away).  But maybe the dreams that God left with me, I can begin the sacred dance of liberty.  And my heart will bound to find the friend in need, who will help me to find the end again.  We cannot be enemies forever and day, because if we don't choose love across our face, then we won't make it across to the other realm, the one God told me was on the other side.  There I must walk into the valley of the dark, where my reflection should be sacred and impart, the very wisdom that followed me around, the code of ethic that God gave me within.  And now I choose to swim again inside the mighty blue.  I shall be part of the Great Big Living Bleu (freedom of for the heart).  And my contribution will find me on my way.  I will be honored to follow the sacred way.

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka (iyeska wakan) or holy interpreter


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