24 Hour Crisis Help

There is light at the end of the tunnel, and when you sing a song, we know how to get along. But we know you need a hand, to help you understand.  That's why we are available, to seek a heart who's heard.  And we can be, the sunlight shines inside the dark.  And we can be, the darkness which is so bright.  The days are here to lend, us heartbreak to the end.  And we can sea, the heart of all the leaves.  And we can be, the heart that you need.  Just be able to lift your hand, and dial a human heart, the song of Angels smart (sting) and we will understand. 

Now don't be rude, but instead, be the one who is could.  Be the one who needs.  The one who does receive.  And when you do, the love will come through, to touch your heart, because we care about you!

You are our relative, and we are part of this family.  And we will attempt all we could, to be with you in your time of need.  Just pick up your hand, and dial in!
                                            (or email us at alightfromwithin@gmail.com)
A Joy Light From Within Offers a 24 hour crisis line.  Please leave your telephone number at 650-669-0412 (01- California, USA) or if you don't have a telephone available, please let us know when you will be by a telephone, so someone can call you back quickly.  If you are international, please email twindeermother@whitebuffalocalfwoman.org in order that we can redirect, to call you back as soon as possible.  Please be available by land line, as we are not currently set up for international mobile services, except through telephone conferencing (you call Elder Access Line as designated hours) or email chat, with Google in the clouds (must be arranged, prior to chat or by message with telephone message, you leave at the above number.  Usually we have Warriors available around the clock via computer access.

Thank you for calling and leaving your message, for redirection.  All other services please click on navigation bar to your left of page!

We do care about your needs, and we will contact very soon.  We offer you our hearts, in meeting the needs at the moment.  Crisis is Crisis, and that means you need someone now! 

An Elder will be with you quickly.
your devoted servants,
A Joy Light From Within Clergy or Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy!

We have English, Spanish and German speakers available at this time.  Thank you for calling us in your time of great need.  We hope that we can provide you with assistance in your Crisis.  We are here to help with loving hearts.

Warriors and Elders Search for Availability Rotation Assistance

We are currently searching for those who are willing to
be available to talk with those who are in crisis.  If you have skills in this area, please contact Veronika Buffalo Trembles the Earth at 786-873-4442 (
Florida, USA) or email her at buffalotremblestheearth@whitebuffalocalfwoman.org 

Visit her blog at http://buffalotremblestheearth.blogspot.com