Gifting Sacred Instruction Instruction comes without a fee, and if you have something to show the ones who are willing to learn the way.  Many are our teachers, who only gift the heart to be free.  Now stop and think, what could you do, but teach what they need.  I guess it's more than wisdom, it's the heart of me, the one who wishes to pass on the perfect part of me.

And if you got a skill now, and want to pass it on, then all you have to do then, is say, "I have something to give!" When you have something to give, now, and show up to pass it on, the one who is receiving, will be there to sing your song.  And we will be like children who come to dance with thee, when you come to show us, how to dance or to weave.

Each have a skill now, but when we share the hearts, there will be excitement, the kind that lasts all night.  And it seems we are never tired, when we share the love of what we do, it's just we need to share it, to show the world, woo hoo! And if we pass the test now, the longing to be set free, and children come to learn from you, they pass it on for free.  I say, it's about time, to treasure all we do.  It's going to be the next step to the dance of eternity.

My Mother and my Father, they teach me everyday.  My Brother and my Sister, they teach me how to play.  My child and the neighbor, they teach me things, I did not know.  And the relatives they teach me, how to jump and dance and glow.  It's been such a long time.  It's been such a day.  It's been such a willingness, to show the sacred ways.  And if we choose to give it, without money in return, the fame and glory will follow you, because all have learned.
The Hope of the children depend on all who give, and we the adults (Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy) tend to be the ones who give.  And those who are here to be with all the girth (the eternal circle of life).  We depend on all the teachers who come forward to walk this dance, because it's you we cherish to lead us into the promise land!