Giving Sage Purification

To donate your purchase of sage, go to the two places we have offered below.  Please deliver to address at the bottom of the page,, home to whitebuffalocalfwoman domains and Rainbow warriors of prophecy. If you have questions please   "White Buffalo Calf Woman"

We really need growers who have back yards who can grow Sage.  Or maybe a community growing  center.  It's that simple.  We apologize for using money, however we do not have access to those who will grow as part of their contribution of a global community. If you have space, we can recommend the seed type and species, that is needed for sacred ceremonies.  However, anything, that will burn will be useful and will really bless you and your space, of course with your intention.  If you have space, please email Holiness David, an Elder and Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy, if you can.  Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star brings JOY to all of us, who can give and receive, as he brings the song of love (drum beat), along the Red Road, into our hearts. 

All who give will be blessed in their giving, however we expect to serve those who give, and receiving will be part of our contribution, especially if you have abundance in your life.  We are concerned for those who rely on monies to protect themselves.  We appreciate all you do.  The companies below are not part of our organization of giving and receiving, and when using money, they receive monies as their gift.  Unfortunately, they are not as blessed as Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy.  We hope in the days ahead, that this will change.  Many warriors have visions to failing banks around the world.  Get prepared, for the change is on it's way.  It will be a difficult road, but eventually, Brotherhood will be known.  Thank you for joining the great give-a-way and assisting this transformation of our world, with sacred blessings, we walk about with sage bundles of smoke, that purify our relatives!

To find a Brother/Sister/Relative, please join us to listen in to songs and articles from Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy.  The more you contribute, the further down the hoops, you flow, to lean and seek, like the devoted Rainbow Bow

Simple Blessings as you Smudge your Space!

I bless the nine sacred directions, the north and the south, 
the east and the west, the up and the down, and the sacred all around, 
the heart beat and the breath, I gift my sacredness, 
the blessings I do give, as I walk the path of love.  

Choice #1 available to purchase at Herbies Herbs in Canada, where the only source of Salvia officinalis we have for sage on a stick that is available. If you have any ideas as to where we can purchase or other sources, we would be delighted in the knowing.  We have searched the world wide web (www).  thank you!

Sage Leaf, Whole (On The Branch) - Wildcrafted on a stick- Salvia officinalis - $32.00 CAD
Canadian money amount, US amount is   $24.7256 USD. This was the price last year, and it is marked on the website as $32.00 this year, however when I called I was told it is now $60.00 Canadian for 1lb., however, this may be due to the time of year and access.  We do need your help with resources and if anyone can help us find this species by the pound, or grow it, then please email us.  Twin Deer Mother, thank you for your seeking and knowledge.  We must help each other, the time is upon us all, when heaven and earth are going to be one place, and no longer divided.

To speak truthfully we are not happy with this resource, and it doesn't feel blessed or are these people very kind hearted, in any way, nor do they resolve issues.  For them this is strictly a financial business! But after we hold onto the box for a long period of time, blessing constantly, back to growers, packagers and sales, we tend to have a blessed end result.  However, we do need your help to change this resource to one where the heart of the plant is loved and pure, from beginning to the end.  

One more thing, we like to share, that the box  we send to you, is blessed and protected by the time you receive, and we recommend that you bless the box and all the handlers before opening your gift.  And if you are buying, please, please bless the ones you contact or the webpages your visit, in order that blessings may be spread around for all, who do not know their way in giving or receiving.  Thank you!

$60.00 Canadian for 1lb.
shipping $25.00 Canadian
near Tononto 8.00
as far away as  Vancouver $20.00

Sage Leaf, Whole (On The Branch) - Wildcrafted - Salvia officinalis - 

Sage Leaf,  (Salvia officinalis/apiana)
Rubbed / On the Branch / White, Rubbed/Whole

Properties and Uses:
 Can be used in ulcer formulas to decrease hypersecretions in stomach; it is antiseptic and diaphoretic to increase sweating in fevers and flues; will decrease lactation, not recommended for nursing mothers. Stimulates gastrointestinal tract, also stimulates central nervous system.

Herbie's Herbs co.
556 Queen st. West,
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 2B5
Canada Monday - Friday  8AM - 7PM  Saturday  8AM - 6PM
Sunday  Closed Tel: 416.504.5755 fax 416.703.5227
Sage Leaf, Whole (On The Branch) - Wildcrafted - "Salvia officinalis"
This is the kind we seek,  on the branch is vitally important. 
NOT this kind "white" wildcrafted Sage Leaf, "salvia apiana" which is often in grown in California.

Fire (Smudge) Blessing
Yesterday, my tears I shed.  Today I am going ahead, I smudge myself and purify, to find my way back into my life.  Because in the breeze, I find in you, the heart of those who did not use, the blessings pure, to find my way, instead I am lost to be misused.  They do not know how to purify, if only they would bless their hearts, but they forget, the simple pipe, the heart of the fire, that lifts my life.

Now if I don't have a pipe today, nor smudge stick to find my way, then I will use, what I can find, to make a fire, to purify. I lift my heart up to the sky.  I lower my eyes, to find in thine, the beloved earth, my heart my home, I come to bless all that I know.  And if I have nothing at all, I will light a match, to bring me home, and there will be a fire to burn, to purify, to love and learn.

yesterday, my tears I shed, today I am going ahead, I will purify, with blessings pure, I will say, "I bless myself".  And now I have been returned to self, I will now bless the earth, I say, "I bless the world" and now I have been heard.  Now it's time to bless their hearts, I say my loves, "I bless you", and when I'm done, I've blessed my space, because I need to purify.  Please don't walk away from me, but if you must, here is the blessings needs.  I come to hold you, to bless your heart, for you are part of the rest of me.

Now, yesterday a river of tears, and now i must even cry for you, and tomorrow will bring more tears again, but I will always bless the spring, the step I have inside of me, the up and down of the flow, the waves of love that come over me, when I bless your perfect heart.  Even though, you don't like me, I say to you, I am the one, the one who will love you even if you hate, because I am here heaven sent.

Just be sure, I have to go, into the heart of heaven knows.  And when I start, to be with you, the heart of united, the sacred view.  Come hold my hand, and love will be, then if you want to come with me, into the heart of united one, the sacred hearts of related folks.  We are the family God sent to Earth, and all we need is a LOVING GIRTH. 

Yesterday, I leave a trail, of loving tears, that come to wail, and tomorrow will bring more loving tears, this way I know, that God is here.  I have a heart, a soul who sings, I am part of this majestic thing, the place of dawning inside of me, the place I know, the place I love.  Now, I will always remember to smudge, to light a fire, to purify the wiles, and when I'm done, I come to you, to be the sacred and devoted view!

Choice #2

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Native Americans @ Buffalo Trails - A Native American Owned Company ~ Delivering the best of Native America to people around the globe since 1998 ~
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1 lb Premium Grade Dakota Loose Branches & Leaves White Sage Smudge (Not Bundles)

Code: 1LBWSS
Price: $34.95
Quantity: number of pounds
Quantity in Basket: 1 or ?
1 lb (One Pound) of Premium Grade Dakota Loose White Sage (Not Bundles)


Genus: Artemisia Species: ludoviciana Variety: latiloba
Common name(s): White Sage, Dakota Sage, Black Sage, Wormwood , Mugwort.

Our white sage is not "California White Sage," it is a much milder and mellower Dakota White Sage that was used by most tribes in the "Central Plains." It does not have the strong pungent scent of the "California White Sage," instead it burns with a mild sweet scent that many people prefer.

This top quality Dakota Loose White Sage is about 12 inches long. Each stem is either a whole plant top or a side branch from a larger sage plant. We have had many requests for this loose sage so we offer it here for our customers who prefer to make their own bundles or prefer to burn only one branch at a time when they smudge.

One pound of these loose white sage branches will easily make fifteen large 12 inch bundles or thirty 6 inch bundles!

This loose sage also is just the right size for crafting and if lightly steam dampened, it will regain it's flexibility and is easily crafted into wreaths and other decorative items.

How We Collect Our White Sage:

Buffalo Trails Dakota White Sage was gathered, cleaned, sorted, and trimmed by hand by a Lakota Sioux family. Our sage is wild-crafted fresh from the prairies of Oklahoma. We carefully dry our sage and then keep it refrigerated to preserve the freshness of this wonderfully mild and purifying variety of sage. Only the top half of each plant is used and we always leave more than 50- 80% of the live sage in any harvest area in order to leave the live plants to finish their life cycle and produce flowers & seeds as it was done in ancient native tradition.

The plants are collected in such a way that the source is sustainable. For example this means not pulling up root systems, harvesting just enough so that the plant will continue to thrive and generally caring for each plant source. Because of the scarcity of some of the traditional Native American herbs and plants we feel this attitude to be absolutely essential.

How White Sage IS Used:

Bundles or branches of white sage are widely used for "smudging", a Native American tradition in which the top of the smudge stick is lit and the smoke which rises is wafted around the area to be purified. This herb is considered "sacred" by Native Americans who have used the wands or loose herbs for generations in the "smudging" ceremony. The smell of sage will remind you of the desert and the sacredness of life. Smudges put out a lot of soothing smoke. Very refreshing, relaxing, clearing --- like traveling through the clouds...

To burn a smudge stick - just place in an abalone shell or some other heat-proof container partially filled with sand or salt placed therein to hold the smudge upright. Remove the yarn, light the tip, blow it out and direct the smoke around your body and/or the space you wish to "clear". You may also set the wand in the container and use a "smudging feather" or your hand to direct the smoke. To extinguish, invert smudge into the sand or salt to smother or drench the burning tip in water until it is extinguished and save the remainder of the sage for another time. Never leave lit smudge unattended and care should be used when extinguishing.

Why White Sage Is Used:

Native Americans use sage smudge to purify the mind, body and spirit before praying, purifying the atmosphere & dispersing negativity. It is also used to purify sacred items such as pipes, and eagle feathers. Some may use it to purify their homes, offices, cars and some carry a small amount of sage in a pocket or medicine pouch to insure personal and spiritual safety. Its traditional physical medicinal uses are as an astringent, antiseptic, carminative and as a disinfectant against inflammation and as a soothing, calming aromatic tea which is especially beneficial for women.

Description Of Dakota White Sage:

ARTEMISIA LUDOVICIANA LATILOBA has striking silver downy and sometimes lobed leaves that are nearly white and are outstanding when found in mass. This popular plant is sometimes used in the dried flower trade for wreath bases and bouquet filler. Also known as "DAKOTA SAGE" and occasionally called BLACK SAGE because as some of the lower the leaves mature and begin to die they turn black. American Painted Lady Butterflies use this plant as a host plant to feed their young. In the culinary trade it is called "ESTAFIATE; " in southwest cuisine, it adds a pleasantly sharp flavor that contrasts well with sweet or fruity sauces. Use in moderation when cooking.

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