Giving Spiritual Medicine

Greetings Family of the World,

We take Spirit Flight when someone contacts me!  This is Twin Deer Mother, and I will pick you up spiritually and walk and talk you through the whole event.  There is always healing done when traveling in the Spirit World.  However if you need spirit medicine, because you feel you have been attacked, please by all means, email me and I will get on it right away. 

This is a world, where many do not bless.  The first thing you need do is bless yourself.  I teach everyone to say this, "I bless myself", "I bless the world" and "I bless you".  This need be done each hour of the day, and at night, ask God (those who are near you in the spirit world) to assist you in this blessing.  It is very important we teach and practice this very spiritual cleansing!  We clean our homes every day, now let us start cleaning our spiritual homes too, our bodies, which houses our spirit or soul.

Everyday, the spirit world of the Oneness flows through you like a wind.  And this wind, is part of your perfect.  Like leaves are part of the tree, so are the souls of everyone else shared in the Oneness tree of life.  We are leaves that flow in the wind.  Fall down in many splendid colors and are reborn into new life, continuing the cycle of life.  
If this is an emergency, please contact the 24 hour contact line, and an elder will get back with you as soon as possible.  We will assist you any way we can.  You are important to us, as we think of all life, dark and light, our family.  Our doors are always open 24 hours a day.  We serve you in your time of need, and we serve the Oneness of God.  It is your job to ask for help, and our job to assist you.  We practice brotherhood.  And since we all have gifts, each different and unique like a snowflake, we know you will help another or teach another new skills you develop in the world of Spirit Medicine.

It is vital, that you cleanse your home to make it a sanctuary for you and your family.  Please, do a daily walk about with fire, like incense or even a lighter, while walking around.  Ask to bless while in your walk.  And if you can, always involve this task as a daily ritual, with your entire family.  If some are not willing at the beginning, well then you do it, and make sure to bring the kids in on it too.  They will in turn, bring those who are unwilling to join, as children are always our greatest teachers.

Your devoted servant,
white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother
elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter
"one who can walk inside the darkness and view truth"

Blog Pages It can be difficult to keep up with all the blogs we have, however this will give you an outline of our spirit flights.  Thank you for your interest, and are looking forward to serving you!