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Heavens Name Reading
What is it?

This is a gift from you (as you share with others your perfection) and the Great Spirits counsel that guide you along your journey. I am only the interpreter (iyeshka) as an elder crystal person, reading your book of life (soul-heart, the numinous flow, the sound) and tree of life (body-time and movement luminous flow, the light).

We spirits fly through eons of evolution through the Soul body and descend as we learn our lessons.  Each time we enter a new physical body, we agree to a New mission in life to achieve evolution.  As we descend, our physical bodies become younger and younger until we learn to use instinct as does our animals, plants and rocks; learning to trust our Soul body who has everlasting life.  When we learn to bridge (vision, knowing God, join together, unify) between one realm and into another; enlightenment is born within us all.  We become the "Sage" and "Golden Warrior".

In the other direction, the physical body reaches into the heavens to ascend towards the "Great Journey" as our children are born each and every day.  Behind we leave the planted seed that carries the everlasting life in our children, in all our relations. We walk in the light (action) and in the dark (reflection) at different times. This influence during these transitional movement periods are felt (sounds like music), you must shift from action to reflection or vice versa. When in reflection, you must learn to utilize the dark numinous flow to become the creator. So set your heart to devotion and create something. And have fun.

The Heavens Name Reading tell us the mission you chose before entering this body.  The tools of light are used to achieve and complete the mission in your life which is written in your book of life as your four sacred colors of direction. (Earthly tools name, often similar to the Native American Name). Your Heavenly name is written in the ancient storyteller's language.  These gifts from God (numinous and luminous) help us recognize your perfection, maneuver and compensate towards realizing your unique gifts that you offer to this world. You are perfect and God knows it. Now it is time for you to know this too. You are perfect and what is not perfect does not belong to you. Therefore never defend one self, instead validate the words and the emotions, negotiate your rights with your voice, renegotiate and resolve. Those who do not resolve need only forgive. Embrace your brother and sister and use love.

There is a place where we all come together into the numinous river of life. This dark center of space, is called Grandmother center, our space (truly it is density, when measured). What we all are feeling at this time of evolution is the folding of this space. A quickening. The dark and the light are bumping into one another. As beings who project light (the illusion), we human animals share this space with the inside, the within, in our dreams, our soul's flight. We all dream (vision quest) inside Heavenly Grandmother space awake or not. She and Grandfather have descended to the Earth to help their Grandchildren, the spirit soul elders, the ones who hold the world together, literally.

The color of Grandmother center is actually dark and light, dark, light, dark, light, infinitely. The colors fold over each other and it looks gray. It appears as if it is darkness, our dreams. So this is why it is possible to see all colors and all images of any kind, because all things live inside this space, a breathing tapestry. Native Americans sometimes call this space Grandmother Spider as she weaves our web of destiny. This is what the dream catchers are for, to bless your dreams. Now which door was it? "It is hard to remember as I feel my way in the dark," as a Soul Elder would say, as they are the Earth's children. The body elders have it easier, but must seek in the darkness within as the light is upon them. Body elders are Heavens children. Grandmother embraces the embrace as she coddles us as we plunge into the devotional space within her. We must remember to always bless her. I bless Grandmother.

Relief: dream when sleeping and dream while awake. Aim to a higher morality for Grandmother's sake. She must endure all our sufferings. When you are moral, you are happy. Forgiveness is the only path home. And bless!

Your heavens name tells us the mission you choose before entering this body, your holy temple. Many natives, the red man have  a similar kind of earthly  name gifted to them by their holy and sacred medicine people. Although this is often more closely related to the Earthly tools name, which are binded by your sacred four directions in your rainbow colors of light body, flesh or actions you portray to others. A Heavens description or tag line often is used by the "Great Spirits of Counsel and Animal Guardians" who whisper . We all have such a counsel guiding us. Frequently more than not, you are answering me with your book of life (multicolored rainbow of colors).

The word crystal (the perfect flesh body, the rainbow colors of lights that guide our bodies) and indigo (the perfect soul body, the colors of dark that guide our souls) signify a shape.  When the soul and body merge to be one, we call this the Morning Star, 8 points, when the dream arises within.  The shape of the Oneness of God is the 6 pointed star, which represents the perfection like a snowflake or blessed water. Now six pointed star of the soul and the six pointed star of the flesh, equals the 12 houses of God.  Eight belong to you, and four belong to the Winds, or House of the Beloved, the Oneness flowing.  However we only express six points at a time in our lives, while we are entering our light phase or when we enter our dark phase, many call this the seven year itch or cycle of flowing within us all.  You know, sometimes in your life, you can get anything done (light phase, flesh, giving), and then all of the sudden our lives change, and we can't seem to go out into the world and accomplish anything, these are times of reflection (dark phase, soul, receiving) and you need be a creator, or use the artist creation to motivate your life.

Four directions are the Rainbow Colors of the House of God or our Spiritual House, and two directions are where the flowing or river of life, often called the winds of God, the spiritual flight of the blue of me and you, called the relatives or leaves on the tree of life of Oneness.  We are
all perfect and carry this shape, yet the expression is multi-colored, the perception of the everlasting  Soul journey.  This is why people are drawn to these words.  To draw them in, to the truth, crystal and indigo was used.  In the days ahead I will speak of these things.  There is great misunderstanding.  The seekers are looking for answers. And will always ask questions to understand why, why, why.  Like children who are journeying to know more and more about themselves and the  world around them.

Since your Heavens name can be quite long sometimes, I try to create an arrangement that is pleasing to you (after receiving the interpretation of course). This way others will have an easier time, especially for the Father Nation (white skin). He seems too busy to use the whole name of our heaven mission (heavenly name) or our earthly tools of light (earthly name, often similar to the Native American name given to your actions in life and interpretation by elders of the community.

The white man often feels disrespected by the Rainbow Clan. With all his efforts, he is often misunderstood. For he is the light that has lead the way. He stands a renegade upon the second rolling hill of evolution. As you can see many people will not understand the meaning of your name, so to help them you may want to shorten your name for others to use and understand.  I may find an alternative and rearrange your heaven's name that is more suitable to your liking or easier for others to understand.  If this is your desire, you need only ask. The Great Spirits know your path and when you honor yourself.

Oh, so many names unto God. We even have nicknames we have chosen or close relatives or friends have chosen for you, just like heaven does too!

Enjoy your interpretation from your elder crystal person (wakan iyeshka- holy interpreter), White Buffalo Calf Woman (heavenly mission name, gifted by the Spirit of the Lake People) your Twin Deer Mother (earthly tools of light name, gifted by the Blue Lake People) for in the days to come all crystal children will have this skill of interpretation. I am known as "white (shining light)buffalo (four sacred ages)  calf (child of oneness) woman (law of love)" and am the practicing "twin (heart) deer (journey) mother (lesson of love)". My colors and my sacred directions are crystal, yellow, green and grandmother center. I am presently walking in the light of brotherhood until 2013, with my husband, His Holiness David, Running Eagle Shooting Star, who sends his love and unifies our hearts. His Holiness David's colors are lavender, yellow, aqua and grandmother center.

AS a Crystal person, I wear the celestial crown as all my crystal relatives do (crystal overlays, do not wear the prince/ess crown).  And as the Lavender person, He wears the earthly crown (not all lavenders wear the crown, those who do not, are considered elders and do not belong to the people, but to themselves, as all who wear the crown, belong to the people.  Lavender overlays can also wear the
prince/ess crown.) Together we represent Heaven and Earth joining together, the "Star of David".

The Oneness of God, tell us we must build the "house of David" the beloved children, that would by you, whom decide to follow the laws of heaven, LOVE. And we must give shelter to all the people and all our relations. Entrusted sanctuary lands with inherited housing for the beloved children of God is our highest concern. We must return Mother Earth back to her and become the keepers. We gift ourselves to you as the "yellow family" innately being the "golden warrior - who envisions a dream come true". To you, the children of the Rainbow Clan, the multicolored Oneness we devote our lives.

We have become missionaries who provide Angel services to those in need around the world. We teach about love and God's (source, collective one) mission within us all as we enter into the third phase of evolution, the third yellow hill of time, when Heaven descends towards Earth's receiving arms. This age of "Enlightenment" is embracing us to begin the Great Give-A-Way and to Gather (pow wow). We at the hoops, will integrate this type of brotherhood around the world as directed by the Great Spirits within us all. We shall do this with our voice. We shall negotiate . . . embracing love . . .with our kinsmen who travel the journey home.

"A Light From Within" Angel Services. Integrating the Great Give-A-Way. Its time to come home!

Love to you all. Your devoted servant,
white buffalo calf woman and Holiness David

This is an example of one interpretation of a  heavenly name

Her name is The Whispering Wind-She is Calling (beckoning) and her tools of light are White Tail (not interpreted). She cares for the below and seeks the highest.

Interpretation: Heavenly name (mission in life)

Whispering:  is the present tense (now)of whisper. It is the voiceless breathing words; speaking softly. We whisper to say something in a confidential manner in order to reveal a secret. This is to rustle softly. This is the sound of god.

Just recently an Indigo person viewed (vision) people prior to death. He noticed they exhibited no light (aura) from the person, yet he could still hear their voice. I then explained to him that without light projection, what is left is the sound. The sound (comes from the heart) because the soul lives on. The body only ceases in projecting light. Soon after, he had another vision, he saw a time line of someone or something as if he was watching a movie fast forward. He described, that it looked like scaffolding used for building construction. What he was viewing was the movement of organized motion of sound, the heart, the soul in glorious flight. This shape was the crystalline formation of the universe as it was moving through intersecting space. Ah ho (heaven's descending and my spirit flies back to the numinous of Grandmother's embrace, as she weaves our destiny). So as our soul's fly, we make a soft rustling sound.

The embrace of the house of god detects subtle awkward movements as they change locations or positions. As we empty water out of a glass, as does the great well of life within gives to you a drink for your thirst, a sound is made. Our Grace Barbara, the cup of God, does the same for us. She reminds us of the spiritual journey. So as we fly through the great magnetic rivers, there is a collective effort by a large group trying to achieve something; differentiated from one another in tempo and character that is self contained, as in an Embrace. This mechanism drives and regulates progress. So the cadence or rhythm becomes poetry even angelic. We remember. It seems all an illusion, the great work of art, our humanity. Now we must take a tactical change in our position, to be the "Golden Warrior" and the "Sage", to unite in activities and location over the next period of time, the yellow hill of evolution. We whish (soft rushing sound of movement) as our soul body flies within our holy temples.

wind: moving air across the surface of the planet or through the atmosphere at a speed fast enough to be noticed. It becomes a social force of movement, bringing change or destruction; the winds of change. Another need is the motion of normal breathing and talking requires a flow of air to produce a sound. This is why our voice is so important to survival as we make an effort through our physical exertion of breathing, our vehicle of soul flight. Mother Earth breathes and she creates wind for us and our atmosphere. It cleanses and purifies.

she: a woman who represents the majestic journey of the waiting (the patient teacher). She gives us the Reflection, the birth of light all within her numinosity. The great kindness breathes the ebb and flow and stands united with over-spilling love of the ever moving currents. She leads the heart as she waits for the glorious sound of our soul's flight.

is: to give a description or judgment of something, to exist or be true, have presence, live, to happen or take place, to stay or visit, quality or attribute, a particular situation remains, expressing continuation, the passive voice, something is planned, expected, intended or supposed to happen in the future or even expressing unplanned action in past, forming perfect tense and introduction. To be. The prehistoric Germanic word from which be is derived, is booth (four walls-sacred directions), build (create the house of god), husband (projection of light-male principle), and neighbor (brotherhood) and perhaps also of by law (of god).

calling: the impulse to follow a strong urge to follow a path within or without. To say something or speak loudly, describing somebody or something as something, a shout or cry, the characteristic sound made by a bird or animal. Address or refer to somebody in order to summon or alert or something by means of a formal request, to read names or numbers from a list, read something out, to contact somebody by telephone or radio, to give somebody or something a name, to visit somebody or the place where somebody lives or works, make request for something to happen: to make an official order or request for something such as a meeting.

To predict something as a reflective crystal, the green embrace, directs or instructs people who are dancing, as if the many flickering diamonds of light upon the waters of the great magnetic streams. To demand repayment of something or to challenge somebody to prove something, especially to demand to see somebody's hand as would a "sage" and "golden soldier". I make an official declaration in the game; I'll toss, you call with the power to postpone or stop the game due to unsuitable conditions.

The lure to attract and signal given by a sound. The attempt to get in touch with someone by the request for somebody to come. The rescue squads answer thousands of calls a year by those who  expressed a wish or request for something to be done. It becomes a feeling of duty. Visit! Referee's decisions, it's the declaration of the decision or choice to be made. It's your call. Predict what is about to happen, demand somebody fulfill or meet their obligation. Give options, reminders and the feeling of strong attraction exerted by a particular place or way of life as you lead your brothers and sisters home towards heaven and earth. Be available to be summoned as there's no call for something or to do something ,

beckoning: gesture to somebody to come: to signal to somebody to approach with a movement of the heart or head, attract or tempt: to be a literary attraction or temptation to the world.

My beloved whispering wind, below is only a synopsis of your color of lights.  I will have to send a detailed interpretation at a later time.

your color of lights are: green (the embrace of god) (she leads the green embrace), lavender (holiness) and golden (cosmic father brotherhood), and gray (grandmother center space, leading the embrace of flight within the dream awake or asleep)

Many cosmic father, the "golden" light, seek brotherhood and when they fail to find it, they can become cynical.  They do not realize that they are the teachers of brotherhood.  So as they call their brothers to come, they come; animals alike.  Now this is the outer layer of light, the color others may see first as they come upon you. 
Holiness (lavender) produces red energy below this, with this the only resolve is to run towards conflict as well as sending love to unite the hearts.  It does this in order to fold space, so from your heart to their heart, by doing so, a fire is born as you purify their light with the burning fire of holiness.
your devoted servant,
White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
Elder Crystal Person

For Blessings
and interpretation for the Rainbow Clan