Receive Sage Bundles

Sent around the world.  
Our gift for you!

Bundles (and loose leaf) are wrapped and blessed for you, just for your asking.  We always appreciate an exchange, to assist with shipping costs, but not necessary.  Just let us know, if you can't help with shipping, maybe you have something else to share with us. Maybe you have gifts of your own, you could share with others.  We pass around what is abundant in our lives, to uplift the great give-a-way.  You too have a gift to share.  Contributions come in all forms.  

The main reason we send you sage bundles is because, it's a daily blessings, often called smudging.  Sage is a natural disinfectant as well as an anti-viral.  We emphasize the walk about fire blessings 8 times per day, as well as hourly blessings of space. "I bless the sacred nine directions".  We are all related and the winds of time, blows through us all. 

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy are pleased to present, our gift from our heart, to yours.  We will find a way to get your sage bundles delivered to your door.  And we consider your occasion, either daily or special in ceremony, the avenue towards walking the red road (the law of love). We bless the sacred nine directions in me, the seas and within thee! 

To know more about the Holy Week Day or Daily Spiritual Practices, 

Our sage bundles come hand wrapped with cotton or other natural plant fiber.  

The sage's stem provides for a ready handle, as you can see to the photo to the left.  Tassels are added to all bundles. 

The bundles are kept small, to assist in cleanliness around your home. Usually 1-1.5 finger width and one finger's length. The bundle's stem handle is another finger length long. 

All bundles are blessed by Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy and by White Buffalo Calf Woman. Each batch gets a sacred song blessing.

 There are variable travel arrangements, to get your sage bundles to you, therefore, we bless the path that is needed to find your home safely. 

Contact: Holiness David Running Eagle

Contact Twin Deer Mother