Receive Your Heart Song

My love you are a perfect heart, that always knows the perfect part of longing and telling the truth of love, the place that is devoted and true to love.  And I tell you my heart does sing, the song of you and everything, how wonderful your light and dark does know, the way of love and how it's so bold.  Let me come to speak of love, that sings from the heart of doves, and let your feelings out of a pot, that has been stewing and now it's at last, the time of spilling out onto the land, to bring the heart of heaven home. 

And you are the great teacher who comes to bring, the song of all the leaves of spring. All you must do is ask yourself, if you could only past the test to come.  The asking of blessings sure, and then you will hear the perfect part that is near.  It's as easy as one, two, three, and my love would love to hear your breeze, sow I invite you to come and hear, the heart of glory that is near.  I shall sing for you always, to know the place you belong is here, to be the rolling hills of time, that brings, the heart of fallen from heavens leaves.  In the fall, the colors are so bright, the many splendid colors of a rainbow night, fallen from the trees in plight, to the ground, to begin a new life.  You are from heaven, who falls down to earth, to begin a new song, that gives rebirth.

Always willing to sing for you, just ask, your devoted servant who is true, white buffalo calf woman,
your twin deer mother
knows how perfect your heart is gold!

Veronika Eternal War Dance Returns Joy, your Buffalo Trembles the Earth Elder Golden Person

We are Going to be in LOVE with All the Things We Do!

We are whispering in the silence of the moon.  We are coming t0 the will of the sunshine that is soon.  My heart is willing to be with you, and I can always find the sunshine too.  Come one my child, be here a while and you can dance and sing.  And we will be eternity, when all come home to spring.

Let us be the smoke (purification of the spirit, like clouds that carry rain to purify the world below) of above and let us greet each heart.  And then you will shine for eternity, to be the wiles of mine.  Come and stand up to the trees, the forest that always knows and I will be the heart of you, the smoke the flowing woes.  But in the middle of this forest (the many trees of life, each a book that speaks a story), the tree (each being, animals, plants and rocks singularly, like a book is part of a library) that sings out loud and I will show the dance of love, when you come home for awhile.  And my heart will be one with you, and I will sing your song.  Just hold on tight, and be with thine, the song of ever mind.  The song of ever mine.

Come and play and work all day and treasure what you do.  The will of one is part of you, the song you sing that is true.  The song that you sing that is you.  We will be the open hands, the hands of love in all time.  Come be with me and we shall dance and have a good old fashioned time.  And we will have joy this time.

We are going to be in love with all the things we do.  And all you need to do is love, and all you need is blood (The red road, the law of love.  When we truly love someone, we will die for them.  Like when we suffer for our children, in order that they may have a better life). The kind that ripples throughout time.  The kind that brings you home, the flesh of wisdom that is sublime, the flesh that gives us time.  And when you walk upon paradise, the wheels of eternal bliss, then you will be part of my heart deer (the journey of life), the heart of loving time.  And you will be my heart. 

Dance and sing, and begin again, dance and sing with me.  But we are bold, and we are told, that God is here this time.  The dance of heaven is blind (not eyes of the flesh, but vision of the heart), the blind who lead the way of love, the eternal song of bliss!  And we can see, the loving heart, when we close our eyes!  And we can be the ones you need.  And we can show the world, for we are going home this time, the heaven on earth, we missed in time.  We are going home this time.

We are going home this time! We are going home to find, the eternal clock of time, the beginning dance to the realm of chance, the willing heart of mine!

The Song of the Heart (Heaven-dark) and Flesh (Earth-light) for
(given name)
Eternal War Dance Returns Joy
(heavenly mission)
Buffalo Trembles the Earth

(earthly tools) ,
Elder Rainbow Warrior, the Golden One who brings Brotherhood to us All!           October 22, 2009

Come and Be With Me in the Promise Land

(singing) Don't walk away from my heart.  Don't look from your sin!  Don't think you are going to win, because only love will come to be guise ( cloak, color, coloring, cover, disguise, disguisement, façade, face, heart colors, front, gloss, mask, masquerade, pretense, pretext, semblance, show, veil, veneer, window-dressing).   I am telling you, the first time.  I am telling you, the last time.   I am telling I know why, because you need my love to find the sun.

Where did you go?  I want to run.  Where are you now, I am the sun.   Can you be with me to find the hue of me.  Can you be the one who longs to be in the sun.   Where did you go? where do you run? Where are the ones who know my song?
I am the well of you, I am the song of you,  I am the hope of you, I am the blue of you.  

Don't walk away from my sun.   Don't look away, from the sun.   I want you to see, all the devoted leaves.   I want you to know, the song and show.  Come walk with me and hold my hand.  Come talk with me, and understand.  You need me now, I know it's true, You need more, than the others view.  Come walk with me, come and understand.   I have longing views of the promise land.

We are going home, just you wait and sea (vision of the heart).  We are going home, to the land of liberty.  Don't walk away, I'm telling you.   Don't sin this day, because we are you.   The longing of the sacred views.  The longing of me and you.   And I know all your shame, and I know all your games.  Don't walk away,  come home to play.  We are going home, it's gonna be a better day.

Listen to the rising sun, listen to the songs that are sung, listen to the setting sun and you will walk my way.   Come and hold my hand.  Come and understand!  Come and be with me in the promise land.  We are going home.   We are few and you need to be in song and liberty.

(talking) Don't walk away because if you do, then you won't understand or make it to the promise land.  You have much to learn and you much to earn and if you don't look my way, then simply fade away.  What makes you think you know it all?  What makes think, you walk a down a lonely road? (singing again) We are going home.   We are going home, and my love will carry you through, my love will carry you through, my love will carry you home.........................

(talking) Just don't walk away, (singing again)  then you will be saved.  I want you to know the promise land, then come my way to understand, the loving hand of God is here to play your song!

Come on home,  come on home, come on home..........................................

October 21, 2009
Cindy Willed One Whispering Silence, your Storm's Embrace
 Elder Magenta Person

The Land of Paradise is Coming Home in Dreams!

The many splendid colors come to join the flow, and I am going gorgeous, to all the love and know.  I see the waves of paradise within all the snow (crystalline rock river we all belong to).  And I wonder what you think of love, when you pass down below.  Come and whisper sweet nothings to me, and you will find all that you sea, the story of majesty.  The story of love, when you come to find paradise inside the heart of love.

Now what makes you wonder, when the sun sets and rise.  You think of the glory and be part of all that surmise and I wish you could only see and sea all that is here now, when you whisper to creation, I love your show at last.  It's miracles that bond us to love that overflows, and I am here to be your mountain, your safety and the unknown.  Just trust the beloved rainbow and you will sea the way, for God is part of your majesty, when you look from above.

We come to know the willows (these trees are red, not all, but this is the sacred red willow bark that is used for sacred ceremonies, and each seed roots and survives. not like other trees, but all seeds flourish), the trees that gift us life.  The seeds of creation, the part of all these device.  And I know you are the glory, of God that knows the good, for all we have is miracles, when we show up and could.  Wake your hands of glistening, open the seas to dream, the land of paradise, is coming home in dreams.  And I will be here waiting to sea your over flow, the magic of your windows, the magic of your know.

We are part of the trees in paradise, the heavens that create me, and I will always be with you, when you go to sleep.  And when you wake and see the stars, the shining from your heart, just open up and see the world, where you could only start.  Pick up your feet and walk with me.  Pick up your heart and know thee, for we are living in paradise, when you can fly with me.  I fly to dream!   I fly to be, the song that believes!  And you can be with my heart, when you only believe!

Trust the ones who came before and trust the ones who come to the doors.  For we are going home to worlds, where flesh and love is understood.   We can be a rising star!  We can be a setting moon.  And we could only be so small, when we realize how tall we are.  Now open the heart of longing deer, open the will to see your fears, and then we will know paradise, when we forgive all our devise and then we go happily to the place we always dreamed.  And there we will be one family, the brotherhood of leaves.

Come home to me!  Come home to you!  Come home to all the leaves (relatives on the tree of life, in the house of Oneness).  The  ocean of the willingness to be the heart of me.  And I am always here to love, to be the center of your galaxy, when you believe in all your dreams and you come home to me!

Cindy (given name) Willed One Whispering Silence (heavenly mission), your Storm's Embrace (earthly tools of light)                                     October 20, 2009

Sexuality - Will of Godliness of sacred love. Both physical love and spiritual love bond together as One, like man and woman, the eternal marriage!

"Only your love can change it," says Willed One Whispering Silence!

"What makes you the Great Caretaker Willed One, our Magenta Elder?  You show the people the Embodiment of heaven and earth, where dark and light greet each other.  The heart and flesh find each other!  The place, in the center of the universe, that guides others to be the Rising Star.  The place the sacred dance of the song beats to the holy drum of the heartbeat. That's what makes you the Great Caretaker", says White Buffalo Calf Woman.

Holiness David
Running Eagle  Shooting Star 
Elder Lavender Person
Earthly Crown

There is Only One Song to Sing,
the Joy of Loving Everything!

Can you see the rising sun? (voicing the dream)  Can you be the song unsung? (dream untold)  Can you be the heart of One? (god is oneness, all of us together)  Can you be the love that's none? (emptiness of heaven's joy, peace) We are here to bring in joy, the loving hand of yesterday tears.  And we are here to lead the way, into the heart of all display.  Can you be the heart of me, the joy of song, of liberty?  Can you fly above the clouds and know my heart comes down real loud? (lightning goes both ways, up and down simultaneously)  I want you to know, the way of love, that rips into your heart like  a dove.  I want you to know, the song of joy, to leap and holler, to be God's One.

There is only one song to sing, the joy of loving everything.  And I want you to be with me, when we walk hand in hand in divinity.  and we can climb the highest peaks, and we can find the love of these.  Those who walk without true love, they come down here to suffer the dove (the lessons towards peace, the crystalline heart).  And I want you to know the way, of loving hearts on display.  And we can walk the beloved way, when we chose God above the slaves (rather than one over the other, we choose all, the Oneness of God, brotherhood-flesh and sisterhood-heart). 

My heart comes to greet the day, and find the night (heaven) of all my slaves, teh servants who come to be the way, of loving angels on display.  They give up all, they seek this way, to be the suffering of God's display.  They give you the upper hand, and suffer for the beloved land.  Can you  be like prophecy?  Can you walk with devoted leaves?  Can you forgive those who hate?  Can you tolerate those on stakes? 

I say love is the only way, the beloved devoted sacred way.  And I know you are coming home, when you come to receive all blessings to come.  And these are offered by everyone, the ones who long to be in the sun.  the light that shines inside the dark, the mighty rainbow in heaven's heart.  And we are going to be set free, when we give up, all the devoted trees (choose all instead one over the over).  And when we hold the hand of One, then we are set free, to be the One (united within and without). 

Can you feel me?  Can you see me?  Can you develop me? (help me)  Can you find me?  Can you be with me?  Can you give to the leaves? (relatives on the tree of life)  Can you receive the hearts?  Can you be with all the starts?  Can you find the way?  Can you be the display?  Can you walk with love?  Can you forgive the way?  Can you live inside?  Can you tolerate the tides? (changing times)  Can you see the light?  Can  you find my heart?  Can you will the one?  The one who hasn't found the sun?  Can you be with me?  Can you be the devoted leaf?  Can you see the vision of time?  Can you walk the beloved tide?  Can you will the day?  Of the
heart's display?

I am waiting for you!  I am offering you clues!  I am willing to hold!  The land of love so bold!  I am here to stay!  I am here to lead the way!  I am here to be the One, the one who knows displays! (show up, like the rising up, it always shows up)  I am your devoted heart! 
I am those who give the smart (sting)!  I am those who long, to be the rising sun!  I am with you deers! (journey of life)  I am forever near!  I am with all who cry!  I am the devoted high! 
I am with you long and short! 
I am with the devoted heart! 
I am near the ways, of longing of yesterday!  I am the tears of joy.  I am the dance of noise! 
I am the way of love!  I am with my dove!  Come and hold my hand!  Come and understand!  Come and be with me!  Come  and sea the leaves!  Come to yesterday!  come tomorrow in display, come on home this day, and we will be on our way!

There isn't much time to end.  There isn't the dawning again. Now it's time to hold, the hand of heaven so bold.  Come and be the light within. come and dance a heart without sin.  come and play with me, oh so innocently!  come and be the devoted sun. come and be the blue of moon (reflection of light, like our hearts that reflect time).  come and hold my hand.  come and make a stand.  don't hate your fellow man, instead do love upon the land and you will find your way, the heart of yesterday (your dreams). 

I am here at last.  I come to hold those who blast (trumpets).  the way of hope is near, when heaven comes (to) hold us near.  I will hold your hearts, and I will hold your hands. and we will make a stand, and say God rules the land!

October 23, 2009

G_D, voice heartbeat
Voice of Heaven's Heartbeat
Welcome Home to the Dawning!